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Reliable is a young team of over 1000 employees. We believe in motivating our workforce with a transparent system based on integrity, inculcating trust and involving consensus in decision-making.

At Reliable, all employees work towards a common goal with an unbiased shared vision and a sense of team spirit. We value a transparent work environment where both, open communication and honest dialogue exist. Diversity in the workplace includes all attributes that define each of us as unique individuals; these include culture, ethnicity, race, gender, age, disability, nationality, education, experience and beliefs. These are a few of the distinctions that each of us brings to the workplace which contributes to our unique individuality as one cohesive workforce.

We continually strive to orient our Policies and Practices towards better employee engagement, morale and welfare.


The culture of any company is largely defined by the core values it adopts and lives by. We, at Reliable, are committed to building a purposeful and inspiring place to work; thus, we live by 4 core values.

people at reliable

Employee Success

We firmly believe that the growth of the company is built on the growth of its people. Hence, we pursue the success of our people as pillars of our organization.

Respect & Trust

We respect hard work without any discrimination. We imbibe the principle of a give and take of respect and trust in gesture and communication with all our stakeholders. We uphold high standards of individual and business integrity.

Customer Focus

We value our customer relationships. Our customer-focus approach constantly encourages us to work towards fulfilling the requirements of all our customers, to stay engaged and mindful of the customer experience in everything we do.

Passion for Excellence

We cater to international markets which gives us constant exposure and experience to better ourselves. Our work is our passion and we are committed to achieving excellence in our work every day.


Reliable has always adopted a human-centric approach while introducing any new policies. We even go beyond the minimum benefits stipulated by applicable laws because “We Care” about our people. The well-being of our employees is of paramount importance to us. We are taking progressive steps towards employee welfare.

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Special Healthcare Leave

We have immense respect for the contribution of our female employees who simultaneously manage their families & career.
We take pride in being one of the few companies in India to have introduced a Special Healthcare Leave for women - whereby female employees at Reliable are eligible for menstrual leave.

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Work-Life Balance

We firmly believe that an individual can contribute effectively at the workplace only when there is a healthy work-life balance. To achieve this, we have also introduced a work-life balance leave policy.


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covid 19 guidelines at reliable


Our philosophy always works around employee safety. In view of the current pandemic, we are very conscious and particular about the health of our people. Accordingly, We follow sanitisation protocols as outlined below and review these processes at regular intervals.

  • Periodic cleaning and disinfection of all workstations, common areas

  • Daily hand sanitization & temperature recording of all employees twice a day

  • Distribution of new face masks every month

  • Enabled all locations with the latest Video conferencing infrastructure 

  • Access to visitors is restricted and will be reviewed from time to time to be compliant with advisories and prevalent protocols

  • Work-from-Home enabled IT infrastructure 

  • Paid leave for employees who need to isolate/ home quarantine

  • Replacement of Fingerprint Based Attendance Systems with Face Recognition Based Attendance Systems